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Is an Iranian quality and standard inspection company, which has more than two decades of experience in technical inspection, and quality management systems, and safety management, occupational health, and environment.

It is a fact that this brand does not have any direct connection with people, however in the end you can witness this brand's activity and effect on people's lives.

ISQI is a brand that has been revised for many years. In the past, the brand’s image was vague to the audience as a consequence of not having a direct connection. Therefore, the audience did not have cognition and precise image of this brand, since they had an identity flaw, they did not know how to introduce the message and the essence of the brand. We found the key to this identity lock and defined the essence of the brand.

We designed the magnifying glass symbol based on all the personality traits of this collection.

Because it is trustworthy, accurate, searching, and precise and looks at everything differently.  The magnifying glass has a lens and looks with a very precise eye. ISQI is an illuminator, searches for the green points.

We chose green for the organization because it is a green light for consumers, and we chose a complementary color as Navy blue since people know it to be trustworthy.

This brand builds trust and we tried to convey this feeling to the audience by designing fragrance, taste, and color.

We extend this nature to all the visual aspects with which the audience interacts.

Everything the audience receives from this brand conveys a message to them, and that message is the trustworthiness of this brand.

The path we have taken with this brand includes logo design, logomotion, visual identity, etc...

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