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Dogaah was born from the art of two artists (Mr Vahid Arang and Mohammad Bozorgi) who are nationally skilled calligraphers.

The name "Dogaah" is taken from a fragment of Bayat's Turk music. Why did we choose music for this work of art? Because if you witness the product, you'll notice the ups and downs and entanglement of the rhythm. This is the reason why we chose the name "Dogaah".

Dogaah is a brand, which works on special and original products and you can witness their quality.

There is only one specific sample of each of Dogaah’s products that exist in the world, which belongs to the person who orders it, and no one owns a familiar sample, all of these brand's products are registered.

We realized that the ‘Symphony of Unity’ is an appropriate propaganda slogan for Dogaah. Because its works give you noble and special feelings from different prospectives. Hence, this feeling has to be repeated to caress the taste of the audience.

Each product has an identity certificate, its own tale, and story; we determined these values for Dogaah, gave it identity, owing to the fact that these ornaments are extremely valuable and unique.

Therefore, the audience intends to buy a work of art, not just jewelry! It can be ordered for the own person, with its own name or with the letter that the person desires. Therefore, for each work of art, we wrote poetry, statements, and tales relative to the product, and we created videos for the essence of this product.

When we wanted to design a package for this product, we asked ourselves, what is the essence of this product? a work of art! Why do we purchase works of art? Because there is only one sample of the artwork, therefore, it grants us a feeling of distinctiveness. Hence, we designed packages for these products so that the audience gain uniqueness feeling while receiving them.

We considered this brand as a human being, it's gender, clothing, vehicle, style and manners, we visualized each and single of these aspects. This unique and artistic human being is Dogaah's personality. In this way, we precisely realized what are we willing to design for this brand. This is what we intend to express with reference to the essence of this brand.

From the beginning, we designed everything special for this brand. All the behaviors and essence of the brand, the place of presentation of the work, the type of packaging, the logo, the website, and all the other points that the audience encounters.

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